Friday, February 12, 2016

My mystery man...Miles Hodges

 Miles Hodges. My 4th Great Grandfather AND a big brick wall. Yes, not only for me but for many others who are researching him. His wife, my 4th Great Grandmother is also a mystery. Her name was Maranda or sometimes spelled Miranda or Merande. I would love to knock down a few bricks in this wall so I will tell you what I know, what I suspect about these two, and what I need to find out .
 My family tree:

Miles Hodges    +     Maranda?

Delilah Hodges (Daughter) + Allen Hopkins             Benjamin Hodges (Son) + Clarissa Harrington
 Allen Miles Hopkins  + Francis Ada Green                       Sophia Hodges  + George Alonzo Utter
                         Lucina Ada Hopkins                      +                   Fremont Floyd Utter 
                                                           Earl Howard Utter
                                                           My Father (keeping private)
                                                           Michelle Lynne Utter Timmer

Miles was born in 1794 in New York
1830 US Federal Census for Butler, Wayne, New York, He fits the date range.
1840 US Federal Census for Savannah, Wayne, New York Again he fits the date range
1850 US Federal Census for Dallas, Clinton, Michigan, Lists him as Mules Hadges,56, farmer,born in New York
1860 US Federal Census for Bloomer, Montcalm, Michigan, lists him as 66, farmer, born in New York
This is the last we see of Miles in Census


Other documents from Miles life include the following.

1. US Federal Non population schedule, Dallas Clinton, Michigan 10 Sep 1850, Agriculture (Line 7)

2. War of 1812, New York State Militia ( below)

3.US Marine Corps Muster Rolls, 1798 - 1892, Private, Muster date - June 1820, Enlistment Date - 08 Jun 1820

4. Bounty Land Grants
 Dated 10 October 1853 and signed by President Franklin Pierce

Miranda was born in 1797

1830 US Federal Census for Butler, Wayne, New York, Maranda fits into the date range.
1840 US Federal Census for Savannah Wayne, New York. Maranda again fits into that date range
1850 US Federal Census for Dallas, Clinton, Michigan. Lists her as 52,born in New York
1860 US Federal Census for Bloomer, Montcalm, Michigan, Lists her as 63, born in Vermont
1870 US Federal Census for Bloomer, Montcalm, Michigan Lists her as 71,living with son Benjamin, invalid, born in Vermont. That is the last we see of Maranda.

Here are some ideas I have.

About older children

The four children I know of are:
Miles Riley Hodges 1831 - 1881, Married Eliza Walker
Sophia Hodges 1834 - 1866 Married Allen Hopkins  (my ancestors)
Benjamin D. Hodges 1835 - 1896 Married Clarissa M Harrington ( my ancestors)
Eunice Hodges 1837 - ?  Married Stephen S. Hall

I have a suspicion that they may have had more than these four children, who are listed by name on the 1850 Census. In the 1830 Butler census,they have 5 children listed. None of the above (1831 - 37) children would have been born yet.

1830 Butler Wayne, New York Census              Birth years        
Head of household is Miles Hodges
1 boy under 5                                  (1826 - 1829) This boy is missing in the 1840 census  
2 boys  5-9                                      (1821 - 1825)           
1 Man 30 -39                                  ( 1791 - 1800)         Miles 1794
1 boy 10 - 14                                  (1816 - 1820)
1 girl 10 -14                                   (1816 - 1820)
1 Woman 30 - 39                           (1791 - 1800)          Maranda 1798

1840 Savannah Wayne New York
Head of house hold: Miles Hodges- 75 years old -Born 1765 ( Who is this Miles?)
2 boys under 5                             ( 1836 - 1839)   This is close for Benjamin, hmm?
2 boys 15 - 19                              ( 1821 -  1825)  
1 man 40-49                                 (1791 - 1800)    Miles  1794
1 man 70 - 79                               (1760 - 1769)    Old Miles-1765,  Could he be my Miles father?
1 girl under 5                               ( 1836 - 1839)   Eunice?
1 girl 5-9                                      (1831 - 1839)    Sophia?
1 woman 40 - 49                          (1791 - 1800)    Maranda
*Miles Riley should be here but is not. Why?  

About Marriage date
The oldest child on the 1830 Census is ten to fourteen years old so I suspect Miles and Miranda were married after 1814 military service years but before 1820 for sure. Miles' age would have been 20-24 and Maranda would have been 17 - 21.

About Mile's sibling
 Many people suspect that Miles had a brother named David. David,s wife was Roby Archer. I am  inclined to believe that as well.
Miles has a son, Benjamin D. Hodges. Could the middle initial D be David after his uncle David?

About Mile's traveling
 David may have died along the Oregon Trail. Some think Miles may have gone out west with David, I really don't think so because, I can account for his whereabouts from 1820 - 1860
Miles was busy making a family possibly as early as 1815 and  all the way through the late 1830's, All those children were born in New York so he was also in New York for many years.
He  spent some time in the Marines in 1820 on or near Lake Erie.
 He received Michigan bounty lands for his service in the war of 1812. He was in Michigan already in 1850, maybe earlier and was always a farmer. He seems to be very tied to his land. I just don't see him leaving his home and family.

About Maranda 
It has been written  "Maranda is said to have been Indian". I had my Dad's DNA tested and no Indian ethnicity was noted.

About Miles Jr.
Miles and Maranda's other son, Miles Riley, was numerated as Miles for the first time in the 1870 Census and Non Population Schedule. He is living in North Shade, Michigan.This makes me wonder two things.
1. Is that evidence that Miles Sr. had died between 1860 and 1870,making it acceptable to use his given name of Miles instead of Riley?
2. Is "Riley" a family name of Miles or Maranda?


Here is what I would like to find out.

  • For Miles, his death, burial information, wedding date, parents and siblings, older children
  • For Miranda, all of the above information,same as Miles plus maiden name and exact place of birth.
  • I need to do some more research in Wayne county New York and try to discover who these other children are. There may be clues to Miles and Maranda to unearth from these children.