Friday, October 16, 2015

And it begins...

Hello Everyone, As frightening as this feels right now, I have decided to face my fears and start a genealogy blog. Why?

  • I want to preserve for others what I have learned by writing it down.
  • I would like to meet people who I may be related to.
  • I would love to improve my writing skills and enter some genealogy writing contests. 
  • Blogging is being encourage by many genealogists like Lisa Louise Cooke and Dear Myrtle.
So, here goes.I don't yet know how often or how much I will write. When the "spirit moves me" is probable my best guess at this point.
 I hope you will check this blog out from time to time and maybe post your "hellos" so I know who is there. Thanks for reading. ~ Michelle

 Dedicated to my family 

P.S.The name "Genealogygram" is a combination of two thoughts: 
  1.  I am a Grandma (Grama) interested in passing down family stories to my kids and grand kids.
  2.  The word gram is short for Gramma which is Greek for line, letter or something written or recorded. 
I think it is the perfect name for this blog, don't you ?!